About us

Since October 2015 we have made it our business to support companies with services related to generators and motors, protection and control technology, switchgears, and transformers. Mprotec GmbH offers customized services along the entire energy flow of a power plant.

Our offering:

  • comprehensive services from installation to inspections, special measurements, diagnostics, and commissioning
  • national and international customer services
  • fast and reliable on-site services due to rapid and flexible arrival on site
  • comprehensive consulting concerning spare parts, machines, systems and repair works in close cooperation with our partners and suppliers
  • training courses and practical seminars for electrical systems and machines

On request we will send you our comprehensive specifications by email.

Our locations:

Address of company headquarter Herborn::

In der Neuwies 1, 35745 Herborn, Phone: +49 2772 50 88 760, Fax: +49 2772 50 88 765, E-Mail: info@mprotec.com

Based in Herborn (near Gießen) you will find us in our branch office North in Geesthacht (near Hamburg).

Max-Planck-Strasse 2, 21502 Geesthacht, Phone: +49 4152 889 286, Fax: +49 4152 889 287, E-Mail: nord@mprotec.com
Tannenkrugstraße 22-28, 26180 Rastede (near Oldenburg)

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