Protection and Control

Protection and control technology means all features and measures to record network (grid) errors or other abnormal operating conditions in a power grid. The main task of the protection devices is the detection of errors and the selective shut-down of faulty power supply units.

To ensure this, we will check the following:

  • To ensure safe operation of electrical power systems appropriate protection devices must be used. You must choose from different monitoring systems and manufacturers. With our extensive experience and know how we can help you make a decision.
  • These monitoring systems are supplied via secondary connections of current and voltage transformers. The current and voltage transformers are installed directly in medium and high voltage lines of the energy plant. Thus the burden can be measured and the transmission ratio can be tested.
  • Protection relays process current and voltage values and guarantee the shut-down of the electrical system in case of a malfunction according to corresponding settings. An output relay controls the shunt release or the low-voltage coil from the circuit breaker thus ensuring a safe mechanical shut-down. These processes can be verified by a testing device which measures the response (pick up) value, the release (drop off) value, and the trigger (trip) time.
  • In case of a short circuit in the system the protection devices register this error within milliseconds and the system will be shut down. It is important that the protection device ensures selectivity. That means that it shuts down before triggering occurs in the superordinate system or in the substation of the network operator.
  • Another important aspect of the protection device is that it protects the other parts of the electrical system from destruction by a quick shut-down in case of a fault. Before a system will be shut down the protection device can register abnormal operating conditions and send a warning message via the control system to a control room or display a message on-site.

We at Mprotec GmbH have specialized in the handling of protection devices of different manufacturers that are used in complex electrical systems. We can support you from planning and mounting to the commissioning of your protection devices, regardless of the manufacturer. Furthermore, we offer continuous services for your protection devices in the case of faults and inspections.

On request we will send you all information about our services in this field as well as our comprehensive specifications by email.

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