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Transformers and the corresponding transformer stations are used in all fields of energy technology. They are used to transform the electrical energy in form of voltages and currents for the downstream network. This can be a generated electrical energy, e. g. from a photovoltaic power plant or a hydroelectric power plant. For a certain power the transformation to a medium voltage level is necessary to ensure current feed into the public grid.

  • We offer holistic support for transformers and transformer stations to ensure safe operation of your electrical machines and systems.
  • We support you from planning and ordering to installation and system commissioning. After commissioning we take care of further maintenance and repair works on your machine so that it can be fit into a precise maintenance schedule.
  • Even if your transformers and transformer stations are already in use we can consult you concerning appropriate measures for your machine. The electrical testing of transformers and transformer stations includes a complete testing and the parametrisation of the protection devices.
  • You can also include oil exchange, oil analysis and oil treatment (according to DIN EN 60422) in your personal maintenance schedule.

On request we will send you all information about our services in this field as well as our comprehensive specifications by email.

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