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Generators and motors

To ensure safe operation of your rotating machine we offer comprehensive services for your generators and motors. We can help you with tasks from inspections and the commissioning of your machine to the individual consultation about diagnostics and special measurements.

We offer services for every type of machinery, whether in power plants, in production facilities or ships. Our services include the following:

  • synchronous generators and motors
  • asynchronous generators and motors
  • DC machines


  • Insulation measurement
  • Polarisation index
  • Resistance measurement
  • Sensor testing
  • Endoscopy
  • Vibration measurement
  • Partial discharges measurement
  • Tan delta testing


  • Electrical inspection of stator and rotor windings
  • Electrical inspection of exciter machines
  • Cleaning with special electric cleaners
  • Installation works
  • Mechanical repairs


  • Restart after inspection or standstill
  • Commissioning of new machines

Special measurements

  • Partial discharges measurement (online and offline with Omicron MPD600)
  • Tan delta testing

With these special measurements, we can record the history of the insulation quality of your machine or electrical installation. Thanks to our extensive experience in the execution and evaluation of these measurements we can ensure a detailed and meaningful analysis of the diagnostic measurements.

On request we will send you all information about our services in this field as well as our comprehensive specifications by email.

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